【IFEEA2020】2020 7th International Forum on Electrical Engineering and Automation


会议名称:【IFEEA2020】2020 7th International Forum on Electrical Engineering and Automation










The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to: I. Electronics Science and Engineering (01) Electrical materials (02) Electromagnetics (03) Signal processing (04) High voltage and insulation techniques (05) Power electronics and applications (06) Microwave (07) Mechatronics (08) Control theory and applications (09) Robotics and automation systems (10) Biomedical electronics (11) Manufacture and operation of electrical and electronic systems (12) Intelligent systems (13) Circuits and systems (14) Digital circuit design and PLC (15) Electronics (16) Sensors (17) Control Engineering (18) Electronic Information (19) Power Engineering (20) Optoelectronics (21) Measurement technique (22) Instrumentation (23) Material Engineering II. Automatic Control and Information Technology (24) Control System Modeling and Simulation technology (25) Intelligent Optimization Algorithms and Applications (26) Fluid Power Transmission and Control (27) Production Process Simulation (28) Network Control (29) Electric Automation (30) Vehicle Control Systems (31) Intelligent Traffic Control (32) Computer Integrated Manufacturing (33) Microelectronics Technology (34) Embedded Systems (35) The Photoelectron IT and System (36) Computer System Structure (37) Software Development and Application (38) Computer Application Technology III. Other Related Topics