Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry(CRIEPI)--日本电力工业中央研究所




  The Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI) had a new start as a non-profit general foundation on April 1, 2012.

  CRIEPI is a research institute founded in 1951 as a joint research institute of electric power companies in order to pursue scientific truth and create technologies that can contribute to the electric power industry and society. Since then, we have provided technical support to the electric industry that supports social development. Japan' s economy and society are recovering from the damages incurred in the Great East Japan Earthquake. We are committed to continuing to fully provide our expertise for a rapid reconstruction.

  Electricity is indispensable in our lives and for the sustained development of our economy and society. We contribute to the development of a solid but flexible energy supply and demand structure by appropriately preparing for risks, effectively maintaining facilities, and providing new technologies for the next generation. A stable supply of energy and preserving the environment are issues shared by the entire world, and we closely collaborate with a broad range of international and domestic organizations in the same field to resolve these problems.

  At CRIEPI, we strive to conduct quality research by ascertaining the nature of things, and develop mechanisms for research results to be utilized in the society. We will carry on the ideal of our founder, Yasuzaemon Matsunaga, who believed that industrial research is the cultivation of wisdom, and that it should make a contribution to society.